University Life Is Not Moi Moi

University Life Is Not Moi Moi

What a title right? Well you got every right to be amazed by the title, but in the long run you’d find out that the saying is amazingly correct.

What Is University Life

Well this lovely post which is the first post on this blog would not make any meaning or sense if the meaning of university life is not given. University life can be explained as the cycle that begins immediately an aspirant gets admitted into the higher institution and all activities that goes on from that period, remember it’s a free life , you can be religious or not, you can be a womanizer or not, a prostitute or not it’s a choice no one dictates for you this is the life live it well.

Why Is The Term Moi Moi Used

Don’t mind me though, but actually am correct as we all know moi moi is a very delicious delecacy which is loved by so many nigerians even foreigners and since moi moi is sweet, All am saying is that university life is not moi moi. Hey read on.

University Life Is Not Moi Moi

Hey don’t get naughty because it’s a free life be responsible, you know what parents take university life as one easy thing you see a child returns from school with some funny behaviours instead of understanding and correcting, you see word action in play, do they think is moi moi! Well they are not to be blamed as most were not oportuned to get to the university, and our nigerian culture of right attitude which is cool is playing strong.
But in as much as the life is not easy since that’s what am saying you should not misbehave or do stupid things because if freedom.
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Updated: April 23, 2018 — 11:29 pm

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